Are you thinking about studying sports management? Are you on the fence about it? 🤔

If you are in your last year of high school, or are already finishing it, you are probably asking yourself the question of the year: what do I do for a living? what do I want to do with my life?

Although these are entirely personal and natural questions, uncertainty and social pressure sometimes push us to make decisions that do not fit our interests or passions.

If you are passionate about sport and would like to work in this industry, have you thought about studying a programme exclusively focused on sport management? 👀

Our Bachelor programme lays the foundations of sports management so you can specialise in the field of your choice, whether it be sports marketing, events, sponsorship, digital strategy, etc. Plus, we are a fully international programme with +15 years of experience, which means that you will build relationships and connections with people and sports organisations all over Europe.

If you still have doubts, Carmen Ruano, academic manager and director of the Madrid campus, gives you three reasons why you should choose the Bachelor in Sports Marketing and Event Management. Read below! 👇

🎓To build a professional career based in your passion

The sports industry is a booming sector with many different lines of work – while you may not know exactly what role you would like to have in it, if you love sports, we encourage you to follow your passion and work in the industry you love.

The bachelor programme serves as an introduction to sports management, which means you will learn about an array of subjects: marketing, event management, sponsorships, finances, digital strategy, business management, sustainability… the aim is to lay the groundwork so you can then specialise in the field you choose. Life is short, why not work doing what you love?


📈To work in one of the industry sectors that is growing the most in the last years

The sports industry is a fast-growing and super exciting sector to get into right now. The sports industry has been booming since the pandemic: people are excited about new developments and sport fans are eager to consume.

In Spain alone, the industry has enjoyed a 20.6% growth in revenue and is projected to grow 10% each year until 2025. Spain has also seen a 17% rise in employment in the sports sector since 2020. In Europe, there is also a hiring boom in digital media roles inside the sports industry due to demand for specialised profiles (the reason why we have this programme!).


⚽️To learn from real professionals currently working in the sports industry

100% of our lecturers are professionals who currently work in the industry. Why is this important, you ask? Our aim is you obtain the most value and knowledge and we believe professionals who already have experience in the industry you want to work in are the best option. These are the people who will best be able to guide you, provide you with insight, and teach you what they’ve learned from practice.

In addition, many of our lecturers are directives, managers, or CEO’s, which means being in direct contact with them can help you gain exclusive work opportunities and even get hired by them or other companies (remember education is also a huge networking opportunity).

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