On the first day of the Master, 9 months ago, we interviewed our students Álvaro, Pablo and Valeria.

In the video they tell us what their expectations are, why they chose to specialise in sports management, in which sector they would like to work, and what their goals are after the Masters in International Sports Management.

Thank you! We hope you had a wonderful year.

ESBS: Hi! Thank you for being here. Can you briefly introduce yourselves?

Valeria: My name is Valeria Pérez, I am 23 years old, I am a professional in physical activity and sport and I come from Colombia.

Pablo: I’m Pablo. I have studied engineering. There was a moment when I decided that this is what was going to make me happy, because I love sport and I live here in Valencia. I am delighted to be here.

Álvaro: I’m Álvaro, I’m 22 years old, I’m from Valencia, I’m a recent graduate in journalism and I also have the title of expert in sports journalism and for me it’s a pleasure to be here because I’ve heard very good things about this place and I’m here to take advantage of the opportunity.


ESBS: Why sports management?

Álvaro: The truth is that I have had two passions since I was a child, one was journalism, which was my vocation and I have fulfilled it by studying for my degree and I have enjoyed it very much. Well, now I’m going for what I think I’m really passionate about, what I’ve enjoyed more than journalism, which is sport. I like almost any sport and here I am because I want to get into that industry and be able to work in it for a long time.

Pablo: As Álvaro said, it is practically the same situation for me. I’ve been doing sport all my life, it’s what I’m passionate about. I don’t care about any sector within the sports industry. I like everything. I want to learn a lot and be able to become number one.

Valeria: I studied physical activity and sport. There were subjects related to sports administration, sports management and the organisation of sports events.

So from then on I started to be very interested and I started to look for master’s degrees, outside the country and that were only focused on sports management. So, I found ESBS and I liked it. I liked all the modules, so I started, already.



Valeria: Well, it was the one that most caught my attention, I liked the subjects and everything I was going to see in the master’s degree, so it was the one that most caught my attention, to be honest.

Pablo: Well, I was looking at what masters there were to choose from. I saw that it was quite a prestigious master, it had been number one several times and it was also linked to Valencia CF, which is my favourite team. So I had no hesitation on choosing this master’s degree.

Álvaro: Well, as Pablo said, as I’m from Valencia, the truth is that it was great for me to be able to study the master’s degree that I liked in my city and to be able to live at home.

And it is also true that Valencia CF has been my team since I was a child and to be able to have the opportunity to study a master’s degree that they offer and that is so prestigious, both nationally and internationally, is a pleasure and a unique opportunity, I would say.


ESBS: What are your goals after doing the programme?

Álvaro: Well, when I finished my master’s degree I would like to work in the sports industry, obviously, and if possible in Valencia CF, because it’s been my dream since I was a child.

I’m not sure about the department yet, but for example, communication, which is my speciality, or in event management, in the academy… or anywhere else, I wouldn’t mind because it would be giving a service to my club, which is something I’ve liked since I was a child.

Pablo: I would like to work in football, to be honest, any sport would be fine for me, but my real goal is football. I would like to become a sports director, but the thing is to keep growing and little by little to see where I can get to.

Valeria: Well, I would like to be in the organisations of world events of any sport, more of skating, because my sport is skating, but I would also like to be close to my hobbies in events like the Olympics or FIFA, the World Cup, which are big things, and the truth is, I would really like to be part of those groups.

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