How was the first month in Madrid for the students of the Bachelor in Sports Marketing and Event Management? 🏟️

Our Bachelor 3 students, Victor, David and Jacky, tell us how their first month at ESBS Madrid went, what they liked most about the city and why they chose to study this programme.

Victor, David, and Jacky are in their final year of their Bachelor in Sports Marketing and Event Management degree and have decided to choose Madrid as their final destination. These months have flown by and our Bachelor 3 students are full-in into their lectures, taking exams and working on their final project. We wish them the best!

Thanks to Victor, David and Jacky for your time, you will love Madrid!

Below you can read the transcript of his interview:

ESBS: Hi, guys! Can you introduce yourselves?

Victor: Hi, I’m Victor. I’m a French student. Here is David. He’s also from France We are on Bachelor 3.

Jacky: I’m Jackie, I’m from Bachelor 3 in AMOS Madrid and I’m from France.

ESBS: How was your first month in Madrid?

David: So my first month in Madrid was really good and really cool. I enjoyed a lot of the city. One of the best things in Madrid for me is the weather, because it’s always, always sunny. And for me, coming from Marseille, is perfect.

Jacky: My first month in Madrid was actually really fun. I didn’t expect this city to be really fun. I really enjoy my time here.

Victor: So my first month here in Madrid was very nice. The people are very kind and the food very cheap. So I enjoyed a lot my first month here.

ESBS: What has been your favourite thing about Madrid so far?

David: One thing I really like about Madrid is that you can enjoy the whole city at night and it’s really great.

Victor: For me the thing I enjoyed the most is the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium because I’m a Real Madrid fan. I went two times in the stadium. It’s my favorite place here.

Jacky: Madrid is really cheap. I basically can buy whatever I want for a cheaper price than France.

ESBS: Why sports management?

David: So I chose to study sport management because I hope that in the future I will be able to work in the sports industry like football or Formula One. And I think that to choose ESBS is a really good thing if I want to work in this industry.

Victor: Me, too. I want to work in the football industry and I think it’s the best choice to develop my skills and my knowledge. I hope to succeed and to do what I want to do.

Jacky: I choose AMOS because I really want to work in the sports industry more specifically for distribution. So I want to work in this area.

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