Have you ever wondered what it’s like to study the Bachelor in Sports Marketing and Event Management in Madrid? 👀

Hugo Gascuena has just finished his third year studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Madrid. In this interview he tells us what he liked most about the experience, what his recommendations are for future students, and how he would describe his time here in 3 words.

In addition, Hugo has also been doing an internship with us (which is coming to an end 🥲) and has been creating content for TikTok and Instagram, mainly videos about his student experience in Madrid, culture and leisure, and tips for students.

Thank you, Hugo! It’s been great to have you both as a student and as part of the marketing team 🙌

ESBS: Hi, Hugo! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hugo: Hello, my name is Hugo. I’m 22. I’m from France. I am studying at ESBS in Madrid and I am currently doing my internship at ESBS.


ESBS: How would you describe your experience studying the Bachelor programme in Madrid? And in three words?

Hugo: For me, studying in Madrid was a very rich experience because Madrid is really rich in terms of cultural diversity. I learned a lot of things like Spanish, I improved my English… So it was a really good experience.

The three words that would describe my experience are: fun, unforgettable, and instructive.


ESBS: Why did you choose to come to Madrid for your third year?

Hugo: Because since I was a kid, I had the ambition to study abroad, to discover the world. I’m passionate about sports. So for me, coming to Madrid was a necessary step because Madrid was the capital of sports in 2022 So for me, it was the place to be as a student.


ESBS: You have now finished your final year (congrats!). How would you say the programme has helped you in your sports career? What has been your favorite part?

Hugo: For me the programme was really relevant because of the lecturers. They all are professionals, they have interesting experience to share. I think the ambiance because it’s a really familiar school and that’s why I really love it, you feel really close to the to the organisation, to the administration, also to the lecturers.

We were like ten in the class, so we were like close to each other. So it was really, really good.


ESBS: You have also been doing a content creator internship in de marketing department with ESBS, how has this experience been? What have you learned?

Hugo: I was really happy to do my internship with ESBS. I will recommend to all the students to make their internship with ESBS because I learned a lot of things, you have a lot of responsibility, and they trust you.

So I think as an intern you need this trust to progress, so really, many thanks to ESBS for the trust.


ESBS: What advice do you have for future students who are thinking of coming to Madrid?

Hugo: If any student wants to come to Madrid to ESBS I think it will be a great opportunity for their career if they like sports. And my second advice would be you need to do everything with your heart because when you’re doing something with your heart, it’s going to be good quality. So you will have payback.

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