How to make contacts and network as a sports management student?

Your time at university can be a great opportunity to make the best contacts that will help you in your career – take advantage of it! Carmen Ruano, our campus director and academic manager in Madrid, shares her top three tips to network as a student:

⭐️ Speak and build relationships with your lecturers and teachers: teachers have direct contact with the industry (and are in it themselves), therefore can connect you with the right people.

⭐️ Attend industry events: don’t be shy and attend industry events. Here you will be able to meet and introduce yourself to key industry players.

⭐️ Focus on your goals and communicate them: people can’t help you if they don’t know what you want – tell them! Have clear goals in mind and don’t be afraid to share them.

Read the transcription below and watch the video!

Carmen: Hi, it’s Carmen Ruano, the campus director at ESBS Madrid.

And today I’m going to give you three tips to start making contacts in the sports industry.

First one: speak with all your teachers and don’t be shy, because they will be potential employers. They are all professionals in the sports industry and you don’t know if they will be a good contact to hire you or to provide you another contact that will be able to hire you.

Second: attend events where you can broaden your network in the industry. Don’t be shy because this is a good opportunity to start providing information about yourself.

And the third one: start focusing on what you want. If you don’t communicate your goals, you won’t be able to have someone that will help you. So focus on the companies or sectors that you would like to work and go for them.

Good luck!

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